BLOOD LTD by Bloet – jamais je n’oublierai la mort

2021 – In the coming years, Jan Decorte and Sigrid Vinks – Bloet for short – will focus on collaborating with young performers. They want to share the expertise and radical working methods that they have been propagating for decades with a new generation of artists. Not in a hierarchical structure, but by engaging them … Continued

body a.k.a

2019 – body a.k.a.   In 1994 Jan Decorte wrote his unequalled theatre script ‘Bloetwollefduivel’: a jet-black abstraction of the ultimate play about evil: Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. The horrors of the world resonate in the raging and roaring, the hacking and the murder of Bloetwollef. It was a veritable ‘descente aux enfers’ that went straight to … Continued