2017 – Uncompromising vehemence.

‘Stand Down’ heralds a rupture in Jan Decorte’s oeuvre. He is leaving the classics behind, but not the great truths and mysteries that they contain. Love and death continue to be central themes. The confluence of life and art are expressed more radically than ever. He stubbornly continues to blaze his trail, and demonstrates his passion to go on despite all opposition.

‘Stand Down’ is a production that Decorte not only wants, but simply must make. Just as in Ne Swarte, last season, his stories about his eventful life are as rough as they are tender. In Jan Paternoster and Dries Van Dijck of Black Box Revelation – and all the uncompromising vehemence that they bring to the piece – Decorte and Sigrid Vinks have found their ideal musical partners in crime. The gentlemen created a brand-new soundtrack especially for Stand Down.

“Despite the ruptures that he has introduced to his own joys and sorrows, there is a clear ‘leaping over the chasms’ leitmotif in Jan Decorte’s oeuvre, namely of the search for ever-greater simplicity, for an essence of the theatre. Is it not the fervent desire of all artists to explore their own repetitions profoundly and intensely, to achieve the final goal of purity and simplicity?” – Marianne Van Kerkhoven


production:  Bloet
coproduction: Kaaitheater
text & direction: Jan Decorte
music: Black Box Revelation
with: Jan Decorte, Sigrid Vinks, Jan Paternoster, Dries Van Dijck
scenography: Jan Decorte, Johan Daenen
costumes: Jan Decorte, Sigrid Vinks, Sofie D’Hoore
lighting: Jan Decorte, Luc Schaltin


13/10/201720.30uKaaitheater Brussel
14/10/201720.30uKaaitheater Brussel
18/10/201720.15uCC Maasmechelen
19/10/201720.00uStadsschouwburg Brugge
24/10/201720.30uBrakke Grond Amsterdam
25/10/201720.30uBrakke Grond Amsterdam
26/10/201720.30uBrakke Grond Amsterdam
03/11/201720.00uCC De Werf Aalst
07/11/201720.00u30CC Schouwburg Leuven
09/11/201720.15uArenbergschouwburg Antwerpen
10/11/201720.15uCC Muze Heusden-Zolder
15/11/201720.30uToneelschuur Haarlem
23/11/201720.15uDe Warande Turnhout
28/11/201720.00uNTGent Minardschouwburg
29/11/201720.00uNTGent Minardschouwburg
30/11/201720.15CC De Werft Geel
06/12/201720.15uArsenaal/Lazarus Mechelen
07/12/201720.15uArsenaal/Lazarus Mechelen
15/12/201720.30uTheater Rotterdam