2012 –

Jan Decorte pits himself against all the great writers of theatre literature. Following the sometimes hilarious comedy Niks of Niks – freely rewritten from Shakespeare – Decorte is now tackling Schiller’s great tragedies. After all the banal stuff about love, we are now dealing with the great questions of humanity. In Schiller/Tasten Decorte and Sigrid Vinks enter into another alliance with the Antwerp theatre collective de Roovers. They share the stage with performers Sara de Bosschere and Michael Vergauwen.
The title of the performance reflects the purpose of their enterprise. In this project the work of the classical German poet and playwright Friedrich von Schiller is ‘explored’. Excerpts from several of his plays are retranslated and/or rewritten: certainly Schiller’s early work De Rovers, which contains many elements from Shakespeare’s King Lear, but also Kabale und Liebe, Maria Stuart, Don Carlos and others.
The choice of Schiller is no accident. In 1982 Jan Decorte staged Torquato Tasso by Goethe, Schiller’s contemporary and friend. The period of the Sturm und Drang literary movement, the late 18th century, has always been close to Decorte’s heart. It was the time when the Enlightenment began to dominate European man’s thinking, an important crossroads in our history which is frequently under fire today. In their essence, the themes of Sturm und Drang are still proving very topical: the rebellion of the young against the old, the call for more freedom and democracy, the importance of nature, etc. In the tragedies of the second half of the 18th century, the characters expressed their views extremely passionately: from ‘himmelhochjauchzend’ to ‘zum Tode betrübt’, from cheering to high heaven to desperately woeful. Schiller/Tasten presents us with an anthology of scenes and monologues in which both the individual feelings of love and the political passions of Schiller’s time resonate, but in which we discover many similarities with our own time.


production:  Bloet
coproduction: Kaaitheater & De Roovers
text & direction: Jan Decorte
with: Jan Decorte, Sigrid Vinks, Sara De Bosschere, Michael Vergauwen
scenography: Jan Decorte, Johan Daenen
costumes: Jan Decorte, Sigrid Vinks, Sofie D’Hoore
lighting: Jan Decorte, Luc Schaltin


08/11/201220.30uKaaitheater Brussel
09/11/201220.30uKaaitheater Brussel
10/11/201220.30uKaaitheater Brussel
19/11/201214.00uBronks Brussel
20/11/201220.15uC Maasmechelen
22/11/201220.30uChassétheater Breda
06/12/201220.30uVooruit Gent
07/12/201220.30uVooruit Gent
08/12/201220.30uVooruit Gent
11/12/201220.30uToneelschuur Haarlem
19/12/201220.00uFrascati Amsterdam
20/12/201220.00uFrascati Amsterdam
28/12/201220.30uRotterdamse Schouwburg
09/01/201320.30uDe Velinx Tongeren
10/01/201320.00uStadsschouwburg Brugge
12/01/201320.00uCC Muze Heuden-Zolder
22/01/201320.30uStuk Leuven
23/01/201320.30uStuk Leuven
05/02/201320.00uBourla Antwerpen
06/02/201320.00uBourla Antwerpen
02/08/201319.00uDe Grote Post Oostende
03/08/201315.00uDe Grote Post Oostende