2023 –

Jan Decorte and Sigrid Vinks. Inseparable. Innovators in the ’80s and perennially active and experimental ever since. Over the years, they collaborated with numerous theatre makers and actors, always curious about new generations, always looking for sparks and chemistry.

The set-up of BLOOD LTD by Bloet is two icons of the theatre avant-garde teaming up with the latest generation of performers to push new boundaries.

With their previous performance ‘Jamais je n’oublierai la mort’, they created a work like rarely seen before, sans paroles, ohne Wörter, without words.

Now what?

In ‘GOD’, which is full of love and trust, the search continues.





BLOOD LTD by Bloet Jan Decorte, Oumar Dicko, Thibaud Dooms, Ika Schwander, Sigrid Vinks
scenography Johan Daenen
lighting  Luc Schaltin
production  Bloet
coproduction  Kaaitheater Brussels, Pumpenhaus Münster

gerealiseerd met de steun van de Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid – Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter, van de Vlaamse overheid en de VGC


01/12/202320.00Pumpenhaus Münster
02/12/202320.00Pumpenhaus Münster