2019 – body a.k.a.


In 1994 Jan Decorte wrote his unequalled theatre script ‘Bloetwollefduivel’: a jet-black abstraction of the ultimate play about evil: Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. The horrors of the world resonate in the raging and roaring, the hacking and the murder of Bloetwollef. It was a veritable ‘descente aux enfers’ that went straight to the heart of the piece: ‘the horror, the horror’.

‘body a.k.a.’ starts from this iconic text but seeks to ward off evil and to turn the downwards spiral into an ecstatic high. Jan Decorte, Sigrid Vinks, returning partner-in-crime  and the young multi-talent Lisah Adeaga – who appeared in Decorte’s ‘Hamlet 0.2’ last season – engage in the battle body and soul. There is also an important role for an everyday ladle.

‘This is an attempt to turn the absolute blackness of the former image into a golden haze that irradiates and moves the actors/dancers/singers. This results in joy, sunlight, the bright radiance of the moon and a drop of gold/blood.’ – jan decorte


body a.k.a.  Jan Decorte, Sigrid Vinks, Lisah Adeaga, Ladl
text  Jan Decorte
scenography  Johan Daenen
lighting  Luc Schaltin
production  Bloet
coproduction  Kaaitheater Brussels, Pumpenhaus Münster
language  Dutch, English, German


29/11/201920.30uKaaitheater Brussels
30/11/201920.30uKaaitheater Brussels
02/12/201920.30uBrakke Grond Amsterdam
03/12/201920.30uBrakke Grond Amsterdam
08/01/202020.30uToneelschuur Haarlem
10/01/202020.00uPumpenhaus Münster
11/01/202020.00uPumpenhaus Münster
14/01/202020.00uToneelhuis Antwerpen
15/01/202020.00uToneelhuis Antwerpen
16/01/202020.30uTheater Rotterdam
21/01/202020.15uDe Warande Turnhout
22/01/202020.00uNTGent Minard
23/01/202020.00uNTGent Minard
30/01/202020.00uStadsschouwburg Brugge