2021 – In the coming years, Jan Decorte and Sigrid Vinks – Bloet for short – will focus on collaborating with young performers. They want to share the expertise and radical working methods that they have been propagating for decades with a new generation of artists. Not in a hierarchical structure, but by engaging them as accomplices. Call it a school without a school building, where pupils are also teachers in an artistically chaotic democracy.

BLOOD LTD by BloetJamais je n’oublerai la mort is a project with the density of a black hole. All themes, visions, opinions, dogmas and manifestos are swallowed up and evolve from a meaningless zero to a meaningful chaos. Jan Decorte and Sigrid Vinks, together with Ika Schwander and Oumar Dicko, create their own theatre language: light, whispering and fleeting.

Theatre-maker, writer and actor Jan Decorte has made many a floor tremble, and always with Sigrid Vinks by his side. Their link with Kaaitheater stage goes way back, with a long history of radical rewrites from the theatre repertoire. In 2019 that was body a.k.a.




BLOOD LTD by Bloet  Jan Decorte, Oumar Dicko, Ika Schwander, Sigrid Vinks
scenography  support Johan Daenen
lighting  Luc Schaltin
production  Bloet
coproduction  Kaaitheater Brussels, Pumpenhaus Münster
language  jargon absolu (Jean Dubuffet)


gerealiseerd met de steun van de Tax Shelter maatregel van de Belgische Federale Overheid – Casa Kafka Pictures Tax Shelter


09/11/202120.30Kaaitheater Brussels
10/11/202120.30Kaaitheater Brussels
03/12/202120.00Pumpenhaus Münster
25/03/202320.00Toneelhuis Antwerpen
26/03/202320.00Toneelhuis Antwerpen